Dallas Pashamende

Dallas Among Us | Dallas unter uns
“Dallas” is what the residents of a shanty town call their desolate camp at a refuse dump near the Romanian city of Cluj. The camp owes its so obviously cynical name to the TV series from the 1980s – and in the interim, the wretchedness of the place has hardly changed. Its inhabitants are all Romanies. Running water, electricity, sanitary facilities – do not exist here.
Against this authentic backdrop, the film tells of Radu, a young teacher who has returned to Dallas for the first time in 15 years to arrange his father’s funeral. His plan is to get back to Bucharest and his fiancée as quick as he can, but then he gets more involved in what is going on in Dallas than he had bargained for.
Among the old acquaintances he meets again is Oana, the sweetheart of his youth. She and her five-year-old son Petru suffer greatly from her husband Janku’s aggressive behaviour. Feelings which Radu had long forgotten awaken and a dispute which has been smouldering for ages escalates between Dallas residents and J.R., the local garbage crew’s exploiting leader. To enable residents to haul the recyclable trash they have collected, Radu lets them use his car. He even contemplates establishing a school. When in his jealousy Janku hits Oana again, he is chased out of the colony by her father. Though this is not the end of the conflict between the two men competing for Oana, but the beginning of a fatal tragedy…
by Robert Adrian Pejo
with Zsolt Bogdán, Dorka Gryllus, Oszkár Nyári, Radu Amzulescu
Hungary / Germany / Austria 2005 93’

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