Stadt als Beute

Berlin Stories
It’s two weeks before the premiere and everything’s going wrong. Director René Pollesch and his ensemble are in a terrible crisis. Inexperienced actor Marlon simply doesn’t understand what this Pollesch guy is trying to get at, and his acting is correspondingly bad. He’s about to be thrown out. Lizzy, on the other hand, is testing her limits: she wants to perform naked on the stage and keeps pestering Pollesch about it. OhBoy, who’s not a real actor at all, but very streetwise and authentic, doesn’t even show up for the rehearsals. They take place anyway, with verbal sparks flying in every direction.
Based on staged rehearsals of the play “Stadt als Beute” by renowned, controversial playwright and director René Pollesch, who plays the stage director in the film, three film directors, Irene von Alberti, Miriam Dehne and Esther Gronenborn, have written and filmed three screenplay episodes that purport in a humorous way to connect the work of the actors with their real-life situations.
While OhBoy, driven by fear of the rehearsals, is cruising around Potsdamer Strasse, he regains his confidence in himself in this strange world of crazy people. Lizzy, out on the prowl in a glamorous, stolen coat, runs into a handsome callboy and a go-go dancer and catches a glimpse behind the scenes of the porn industry. Marlon only wants to practice his role, and forgets to watch out for the son of his landlady. He, too, is driven out into the night in search of the boy, and has to fear that his part will be given to a colleague.
by Irene von Alberti, Miriam Dehne, Esther Gronenborn
with Inga Busch, Richard Kropf, David Scheller, Stipe Erceg, Julia Hummer, R.P. Kahl, Doris Schretzmayer, René Pollesch
Germany 2005 93’

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