Ikke Naken

The Color of Milk | Die Farbe der Milch
12-year-old Selma is convinced that boys – and later on men – are nothing but trouble. You only have to look at her own family. Her aunt and long-term boyfriend have been meaning to get married for years. But, no sooner do they set the date than they always seem to start having the most tremendous row with the upshot that the priest has to be sent home and the wedding party called off. And didn’t even Selma’s mother die of love? For this reason, Selma is determined not to have anything to do with love. Instead, she plans to devote her life to science! Nothing less than the Nobel prize will do for Selma and that’s why she has certainly no time to hang
out with her girlfriends – their heads are full of nothing but boys anyway. Selma would much rather discuss scientific issues with Andy, a boy of
the same age. But then – oh no! – it transpires that Andy has fallen in love with Selma!
Torun Lian describes her romantic comedy as a “film about love and other natural disasters”. Her heroine is determined not to fall in love, during the course of one magnificent, unforgettable Norwegian summer.
by Torun Lian
with Julia Krohn, Bernhard Naglestad, Gustaf Skarsgård
Norway / Sweden 2004 94’ empfohlen ab 9 Jahren

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