“It takes courage to love life”, pronounces 22-year-old Eva – and this pregnant young woman certainly knows what she’s talking about. Eva holds down an unfulfilling, underpaid job; her mother has a habit of simply closing her eyes to anything she doesn’t wish to see and her father is slowly losing his mind. And here she is, carrying a child from a boyfriend who has left her.
But Eva really loves life and, when she learns that the tiny baby growing inside her can hear every word she says, she decides against an abortion. Increasingly, she begins to share her lust for life with her unborn child.
Using words, music and other sounds, Eva begins to describe the world at large to her baby. Hesitatingly at first, but then with growing confidence. Her mood improves still more when she meets a sensitive man named Michal and falls in love with him. Could he be her guardian angel? Or is he more of a fallen angel?
Just as Eva is beginning to feel completely liberated, she learns that she probably faces a complicated birth and that her child may even die during labour. But Eva has long since found the strength to cope with any problem that might arise. Her new-found confidence is all thanks to her unborn child, who reacts to everything she does and who urges her not to waver from her chosen path – for the child’s sake, but also for hers.
by Malgosia Szumowska
with Malgosia Bela, Marek Walczewski, Teresa Dudzisz-Kryzanowska, Barbara Kurzaj
Germany / Poland 2004 95’

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