Samaritan Girl
Yeo-Jin is not yet twenty and lives with her father, a widower. Her best friend, Jae-Young, is a prostitute. Yeo-Jin is something of a manager to Jae Young; she keeps an eye on all her customers as well as her earnings. One day, Jae-Young falls in love with one of her clients and decides to arrange a dinner for all three of them. Yeo-Jin is furious about such intimacy and, as a result, Jae-Young cancels the dinner. Shortly afterwards, Yeo-Jin makes a fateful mistake. As usual, she stands on the look-out while Jae-Young disappears into a motel with a young man. However, this time, she fails to notice the police busy searching for underage prostitutes. To avoid arrest, Jae-Young leaps out of the window and is fatally injured. As she lies dying, she asks Yeo-Jin to fetch the young man she had invited to dinner. At first Yeo-Jin hesitates, but then she agrees. However, the young man refuses to see Yae-Young unless Yeo-Jin goes to bed with him. Yeo-Jin does so for Yae-Young’s sake, but when the pair arrive at the hospital, Jae-Young is already dead.
From this moment on, Yeo-Jin meets and sleeps with all of Jae-Young’s clients. She doesn’t want to earn a living, on the contrary, she returns their money. One day, Yeo-Jin’s father discovers his daughter’s secret existence. Furious, he starts to beat up her clients. But then comes the moment when he punches too hard . . .
by Kim Ki-Duk
with Uhl Lee, Ji-min Kwak, Min-jung Seo
South Korea 2004 95’

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