Memoria del saqueo

Memoria del saqueo - A Social Genocide | Memoria del saqueo - Geschichte einer Plünderung
Fernando Solanas has been using the medium of film to observe the political and social realities of life in his native Argentina for over thirty years. These subjects preoccupied him early on in his career, in his sensational 1967 debut, LA HORA DE LOS HORNOS. The resulting film was to become a classic example of political documentary filmmaking.
His latest film focuses on the Argentinean crisis of recent years and the consequences of globalisation and neo-liberal politics. Making use of interviews and archive footage, the film examines subjects such as corruption and the waste of public funds.
Fernando E. Solanas: “The dramatic circumstances in which we are living took me back to my very beginnings in film. Thirty-five years ago, my search for a political identity and my desire to struggle against the dictatorship prompted me to shoot LA HORA DE LOS HORNOS (THE HOUR OF THE FURNACES). Circumstances today have changed a great deal, but the consequences of neo-liberal politics in Argentina have proved so disastrous that, once again, I am forced to bear witness to all that we have endured in the twenty-five years since Videla’s dictatorship up to the present day. By composing a living fresco in my film, I wish to contribute to the urgent debate taking place in Argentina, Latin America and the world at large about the dehumanising effects of globalisation. At the same time, the film attempts to show that another world is possible.“
by Fernando Solanas Argentina / Switzerland / France 2003 118’

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