El secreto mejor guardado

The Best Kept Secret
Ravi is a handsome nine-year-old Indian boy; he alone is responsible for earning a living for himself, his sister and his grandfather. For this reason he gets up every morning before sunrise to earn the money the family of three need to survive. After his morning stint, Ravi sets off for school – although he’s usually far too tired to concentrate on his lessons. In class he sits all alone at his own table; gradually we realise why he is being discriminated against in this way, namely, his mother’s death – allegedly of an AIDS-related infection – years ago. But Ravi has no time for tears – for he must look after his sister and his grandfather.
by Patricia Ferreira
with D. Krishnakumar, Theni Kunjarammal, T.R. Aishwarya
Spain 2003 19’

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