Der Typ

The Man
Thirty-year-old Fabo roams aimlessly about the city by night; he is often drunk and, more often than not, a little bit bad. Things haven’t been going too well for him of late and his endless wanderings provide him with some much-needed variety. Whatever else they are, Fabo’s nights are certainly always fun. There’s plenty of loving but also plenty of fighting, dancing and laughter. Fabo knows exactly what he wants. He loves to aggravate bouncers, make passes at female bartenders and provoke transvestites. At one point he even wants an ambulance to run him over – at least that’s what he thinks he wanted when he wakes up in hospital and tries to collect his thoughts. Fabo is a battler; the first thing he wants is to win over one of the nurses’ hearts – with a hefty dose of vulgar poetry. When this goes wrong he slips away from hospital. He just can’t help it. He goes back to roaming the city’s alleys full of adventures just waiting to happen. He stumbles across the undead, has shot fired at him and discovers that he’s still hankering after the nurse. He’s determined to win her over and, once he’s succeeded, he’ll simply get lost before things have a chance to get painful. In his heart of hearts Fabo is a hopeless romantic, just standing there on the bridge, considering his next move. A couple of teenagers cross his path. But Fabo knows that they’re not a patch on him.
by Patrick Tauss
with Stipe Erceg, Bernadette Heerwagen, Karen Böhne
Germany 2003 50’

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