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Hip hopper Yan EQ tends to lay it on pretty thick. In order to hush up an affair with his best friend’s sister, he lets himself be talked into organising the biggest party, the baddest jam they’ve ever seen, within a mere 24 hours. It’s not only that he and his flunky Jamie have to “borrow” the entire equipment, but he also has to put up with theft, rip-off and getting his head knocked.
Sera, the poetry-writing giant who earns his money rapping in the underground, is fighting to keep his flat, which his dope dealer has pledged to a crackpot. Vern, the self-appointed B-Boy manager and unconstrained blabberer, never stops trying to talk his way into the ultimate booking that’ll bring him to the top. Tarek dreams of turning all of Berlin into one gigantic graffiti sculpture. As the offspring of Chinese immigrants, he approaches the topic philosophically: He who owns the roof owns the house. Sässion, who has also felt the call to be a rapper, has messed with the wrong people and has to flee the debt collectors and at the same time hide his girlfriend Yesim from her brother to keep her from being dragged back to Turkey, if worse comes to worst. The lovers seem inseparable until a horde of skinheads from the suburbs interfere. At the last minute the 5 Amox, maybe the best breakdancers in the world, arrive just in time for the showdown and a round of head-slapping.
Within a night and a day the threads of the story are transformed into a pulsating conglomeration of fantastic lay performances and daredevil filmmaking.
by Till Hastreiter
with Sässion, DJ Quest, Körperklaus, Yesim, Sera Finale, Vern, Dr. Pepstar, Yan Eq, Jamie, 5 Amox, Storm, Pyranja, DJ B-Side
Germany / Switzerland 2003 123’

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