Fifteen-year-old Stacey is pregnant. Tatjana, who is sixteen, has slept with plenty of boys. Jill is the same age as Stacey; she can’t wait to have sex, too.
Tatjana teases Stacey about her pregnancy, but then, a couple of boys appear on the scene and she goes off with one of them.
Meanwhile, Melvin has his eye on Jill. He rattles off his repertoire of come-ons. Jill is impressed. The two disappear and Jill allows Melvin to deflower her. It all happens far too quickly and there’s no emotion involved. Jill returns to her girlfriends and tells them: “that was great!”
by Karin Junger, Brigit Hillenius
with Dhamikka Tempelaar, Rachella Kingswijk
Netherlands 2003 11’

World sales


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