Die Blindgänger

The Blindgänger
Marie and Inga are both thirteen and have been best friends for absolutely ages. Like all girls of their age they are beset with all the usual problems: boys, teachers, their figure . . . There’s just one thing that makes Marie and Inga different from other girls – they’re blind.
The two girls live at a boarding school where they are able to pursue their one great passion – music. When the girls hear that a school band from the local town are looking for more band members in order to take part in a television talent contest, the two teenagers see it as their big chance. Their hopes are soon dashed, however, when the boys turn them down with the argument that blind kids just aren’t media cool.
Then, one day, Marie meets Herbert, a young Russian of German extraction who is trying to get back home to Kazakhstan. Herbert’s plan is proving a great deal more difficult to realise than he had envisaged. What he needs first and foremost is the money to fund his big trip. And so he and the two girls form a trio and begin busking in the streets – albeit without much success, for Herbert’s gang of criminal mates simply make off with all their hard-earned money.
Undeterred, the trio are joined by one of the girls’ schoolmates, Daniel, and, before long the newly-formed band, “THE BLINDGÄNGER” decide to make their own music video and submit it to the talent-spotting show. However, this time round it’s Herbert’s past that presents an obstacle to the budding performers. Fortunately, Mr. Karl, one of the tutors at the boarding school, comes to their aid. And what do you know – he’s even something of an expert on how to produce a demo tape. Who knows, perhaps the tape will help “THE BLINDGÄNGER” become a surprise success story?
by Bernd Sahling
with Ricarda Ramünke, Maria Rother, Dominique Horwitz, Oleg Rabcu k
Germany 2003 87’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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