Espero tua (re)volta

Your Turn
‘Fuck. What will the future be like? What will the struggle be like? Will you have anxiety attacks, just like I had? Will you be free to be yourself? Will girls be respected? Will textbooks mention black people? Will you be oppressed for fighting back?’

Thousands of protestors are loudly chanting subversive slogans. The police react aggressively with teargas and truncheons. The experiences, passions and fears of these Brazilian teenagers are immediate, relevant and all-pervading. In 2015, they began occupying schools throughout the country, demanding education for all. Shot in the midst, using the activists’ own images, this film’s form perfectly matches the explosive expression of radical, democratic activism. The young people reflect upon what happened at past revolts and address the present situation. In the shadow of a newly-elected extreme right-wing President, Espero tua (re)volta gives voice to the movement’s multiple perspectives and asks the question: who writes history and how should it be recorded?
by Eliza Capai
with Lucas "Koka" Penteado, Marcela Jesus, Nayara Souza
Brazil 2019 Portuguese,  Subtitles: English 93’ Colour World premiere Documentary form


  • Lucas "Koka" Penteado
  • Marcela Jesus
  • Nayara Souza


DirectorEliza Capai
ScreenplayEliza Capai
CinematographyBruno Miranda, Eliza Capai
MontageEliza Capai, Yuri Amaral
MusicDécio 7
ProducerMariana Genescá
Executive ProducerMariana Genescá
Co-productionGlobo Filmes, Rio de Janeiro

Produced by


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

+55 21 992462616

World sales

Taturana Mobilização Social

São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 996009210

Eliza Capai

Born in Brazil in 1979, she is an independent documentary filmmaker who focuses on social topics and explores alternative forms of production, narration and distribution with her films. Her debut feature-length film, Tão longe é aqui (Here Is so Far) was based on encounters with women during a seven-month journey through Africa. In O jabuti e a anta (The Tortoise and the Tapir) she investigated gigantic hydroelectric plants built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest during Brazil’s worst drought in decades. She is currently a fellow at the MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Filmography (documentaries)

2013 Tão longe é aqui (Here Is so Far) 2014 No devagar depressa dos tempos (As Time Flies Slowly By) 2016 O jabuti e a anta (The Tortoise and the Tapir) 2017 #Resistência (#Resistance) 2019 Espero tua (re)volta (Your Turn)

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Amnesty International Film Award

Espero tua (re)volta

Feb 17 10:30

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

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