Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle

Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream
The flow of images is endless, snippets of hundreds of feature films follow each other in rapid succession. For the entire duration of this found-footage essay, they illustrate the filmmaker’s voiceover narration, which is akin to a diary covering the period between April and October 2016 and is equally delivered at speed. After separating from his partner, with whom he moved to a remote part of Alsace years before, the filmmaker lives there in isolation, without a car, without a job, without a future. He talks of this solitary existence, his depression and panic attacks, his obsession with watching vast numbers of films (at once a blessing and a curse), the loss of his father, a visit from filmmaker friends from Portugal, the terror attacks in Nice, the death of Prince, whether activism makes sense or no sense at all, film work in the first person singular, refugees in the Mediterranean and clearing out his flat before his planned move to Paris, which offers the light at the end of the tunnel. The furiously-paced montage of images and voiceover connects personal crisis and world events, thus becoming a document of a section of life and of a country in a state of emergency.
by Frank Beauvais France 2019 French,  Subtitles: English 75’ Colour & Black/White World premiere Documentary form


Written and directed byFrank Beauvais
EditingThomas Marchand
Sound DesignMatthieu Deniau
SoundPhilippe Grivel
ProducersJustin Taurand, Les Films du Bélier, Michel Klein, Les Films Hatari, Matthieu Deniau, Studio Orlando, Philippe Grivel, Studio Orlando

Produced by

Les Films du Bélier

Paris, France

+33 1 44909983

Les Films Hatari

Straßburg, France

+33 6 3244370

Studio Orlando

Paris, France

+33 1 43159494

Frank Beauvais

Born in Phalsbourg, France in 1970, studied English. From 1999 to 2002, he programmed the competition of the Belfort Entrevues Film Festival. Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle is his first feature-length film.


2005 A genoux (On My Knees); 21 min. · Le soleil et la mort voyagent ensemble (Sun and Death Travel Together); 12 min. 2006 Vosges (Trilogie d’Arno – première partie) (Vosges (Arno’s Trilogy / Part 1)); 6 min. 2007 Compilation 12 Instants d’amour non partagé (Trilogie d’Arno – deuxième partie) (Compilation, 12 Moments of Unshared Love (Arno’s Trilogy / Part 2)); 42 min. 2008 Je flotterai sans envie (Trilogie d’Arno – troisième partie) (I’ll be Floating Without Any Desire (Arno’s Trilogy / part 3)); 46 min. 2009 La guitare de diamants (A Diamond Guitar); 35 min. · Un 45 tours de cheveu (ceci n’est pas un disque); 6 min. 2015 Un éléphant me regarde (There's an Elephant Staring at Me); 30 min. 2019 Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle (Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream)

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