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Today is 11th June 1993

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“Today is 11th June 1993. The war has been going on for very long. I've tried everything to get out, to save myself, nothing worked. The only thing left is to make this videotape that I will give to my son, he to his, and so on, until a time machine is invented and someone watching this will come and get me out of this.”
Today is 11th June 1993 was developed on the basis of intensive investigations in the Library Hamdija Kreševljaković Video Archive in Sarajevo, a private collection of amateur videos in which the residents of Sarajevo document their lives during the siege. In this collection Thieme found a short science-fiction film in which a group of young people uses black humor to imagine fleeing the enclosed city by means of a time machine. Using simultaneous translation Thieme again formulates the call from the past to the present. How will we react to it?

Clarissa Thieme

Germany / Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018

Bosnian, English

Documentary form
15’ · Colour

World premiere


Grace Sungeun Kim
Emir Jelkić
Faruk Jerlagić
Elma Jerlagić Muhić
Fatima Jerlagić
Nihad Kreševljaković
Hamdija Kreševljaković
Sead Kreševljaković


Clarissa Thieme
Till Beckmann
Clarissa Thieme
Sound Design
Christian Obermayer
Clarissa Thieme
Assistant Director
Ina Arnautalić
Clarissa Thieme


Clarissa Thieme

Born in Oldenburg, Germany in 1976. She studied Media Art, as well as Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice. Thieme works in the fields of film, photography, performance, installation and text, combining documentary and fictional forms with a focus on the processes of memory, identity politics and strategies of translation.


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Produced by

Clarissa Thieme