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Casa Roshell

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You’d never know this is your home away from home. The surveillance camera outside shows a drab reception area and an unremarkable street in Mexico City; inside, the lights flash, but the tables are empty. Yet preparations are soon underway and fixed categories cease to apply: stubble is removed, make-up applied and strands of hair are teased into place; the camera is trained not on the men themselves, but what they see in the mirror. There’s time for a lesson before the festivities get going, to practise walking, consider the letters of the alphabet, think about what sort of girl to be. Music plays, drinks are served and the last boundaries are suspended: those between man and woman, gay, straight and bi, past and present, reality and fiction. The people chatting at the tables or waiting before the darkroom are shot to resemble characters from a film, impossibly glamourous, which doesn’t mean their stories aren’t true. Whenever film stock replaces the digital images, it’s like a symbol for the memories Casa Roshell contains, the spectres of all those who came here and no longer felt alone. No matter how small the utopia, the world outside can still catch up.

Camila José Donoso

Mexico / Chile 2017


71’ · Colour


Roshell Terranova
Liliana Alba
Lia Garcia
Diego Alberico
Cristian Aravena


Written and Directed by
Camila José Donoso
Pablo Rojo
Camila José Donoso
Sound Design
Mauricio Flores
Isolé Valadez
Juan Pablo Bastarrachea, Tonalá Lab, Maximiliano Cruz, Interior XIII, Sandra Gómez, Interior XIII, Garbiñe Ortega


Camila José Donoso

Born in Chile in 1988. While studying film at the Universidad Mayor de Chile, she made several short films. Camila José Donoso runs the experimental film school Transfrontera in Arica, Chile, where she also teaches.


2005 Camino gris (Grey Path); 22 min. 2006 La niña y el rio (The Girl and the River); 18 min. 2010 Zonas seguras (Safe Zones); 18 min. 2011 La muerte de la loca; 16 min. 2012 Una vida mejor; 32 min. · Insistencia del género; 11 min. 2013 Naomi Campbel; 83 min., co-directed by Nicolás Videla 2017 Casa Roshell

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by

Tonalá Lab

Interior XIII