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Marie Antoinette

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In 1768, Austrian archduchess Marie Antoinette arrived at the French court in Versailles to marry the dauphin. Initially amused, the young queen adapts to the uncomfortable court etiquette. For quite some time, Louis declines to consummate the marriage and a frustrated Marie devotes herself to a life of royal leisure. Not until she finally produces an heir is “the Austrian” finally accepted by the courtiers. But the queen is not interested in politics and begins an affair with a Swedish nobleman. Marie Antoinette steadfastly ignores the fact that public opinion is turning against her as the French Revolution looms on the horizon ... “I think she’s delightful. She looks like a piece of cake.” Light pastels dominate the official wardrobe of the “fashion queen” Marie Antoinette, while the dress worn by her father-in-law’s self-confident mistress, Madame du Barry, is a deep blue. The authentic cut of the dresses was offset with anachronistic accessories. For Sofia Coppola and Milena Canonero, the concept was not to recreate precisely the look of the epoch. Rather, they wanted present-day style icons and “shopping queens” to see themselves reflected in Marie Antoinette.

Sophia Coppola

France / Japan / USA 2006


123’ · Colour · 35 mm

Rating R0


Kirsten Dunst
Jason Schwartzman
Judy Davis
Rip Torn
Rose Byrne
Asia Argento
Molly Shannon
Danny Huston
Marianne Faithfull


Written and Directed by
Sophia Coppola, based on the book “Marie Antoinette: The Journey” (2001) by Antonia Fraser
Lance Acord
Sarah Flack
Stuart Wilson
Production Design
K. K. Barrett
Art Director
Anne Seibel, Pierre du Boisberranger
Milena Canonero
Wardrobe Supervision
Patricia Colin
Ross Katz, Sofia Coppola

Produced by

American Zoetrope/Tohokushinsha Film Corp./Pricel

Copy: Park Circus, Glasgow