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The Singhampton Project

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Michael Stadtländer is boss of Eigensinn, a farm tucked outside Singhampton in Northern Ontario. Rarely has he collaborated on a project in his 30-year reign as chef de cuisine, professional farmer and artistic director of his Hundred Acre Wood.
But now he teams up with Jean Paul Ganem, a Parisian-based landscape artist, in a project seeking to engage people in discovering where good food comes from. Despite hitting upon the driest and hottest growing season in half a century in which to orchestrate their collaboration, together the two men plant seven gardens on Eigensinn Farm in order to create a menu throughout August which serves over 800 people.
Interestingly, family histories and personal philosophies reveal the chef as artist and the artist as chef: each one acting as both in order to execute their grand, seeing-eye art project.

Canada 2014, 62 min


Jonathan Staav


Jean Paul Ganem
Michael Stadtländer

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