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One & Two

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Siblings Eva and Zac live with their parents in a strange world. The family runs their small farm using methods that are over 150 years old. This means working without machines, tractors or electricity. Hay is turned with a pitchfork, laundry washed on a washboard and their waggon is drawn by horses. The only time that Zac and Eva are aware that there is anything else out there – such as the modern world – is when they look up at the sky and watch a jet passing overhead. But it is a good life they lead in the midst of nature’s beauty; it is peaceful here and there is a river in which bathing is simply delightful. But nobody can leave this place since it is surrounded by an insurmountable wooden wall. Their parents are very worried. Their mother is suffering from an inexplicable illness, and brother and sister have begun to demonstrate supernatural abilities. Father imposes a strict regimen in order to keep things under control. But the others refuse to toe the line. Mysterious events and deep-seated conflicts merge in an intensely dramatic story. Everything is fragile and nothing is certain except for one thing: Zac and Eva are united by an indestructible bond.

USA 2015, 91 min


Andrew Droz Palermo


Kiernan Shipka
Timothée Chalamet
Grant Bowler
Elizabeth Reaser

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