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So Be It

Es ist wie es ist

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Two contrasting childhoods in a country shaped by Buddhism. At seven, William is something of a celebrity. Since his entertaining appearances in a reality show in which children follow in Buddha’s footsteps, this likeable boy has acquired quite a fan club. Back at school, William misses his venerable monk teacher from the show. He decides to spend his school holidays learning more from him and intends to become a monk himself in the future. Things are very different for eleven-year-old Bundit who lives far away from his parents in a huge religious school. It is more of an educational camp and Bundit has a hard time coping with the strict regime. When he returns to his family in the mountains, after years away, he truly blossoms.
With a keen documentary eye for the everyday lives of the two boys, director Jaturanrasmee makes a subtle plea for the blessing of individual development as opposed to religious coercion. In 2013 this director delighted Generation audiences with his feature film Tang Wong – a similarly upbeat depiction of the complex relationship between modern present-day Thailand and the country’s spiritual tradition.

Thailand 2014, 85 min


Kongdej Jaturanrasmee

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