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Giovanni en het waterballet

Giovanni and the Water Ballet

Giovanni und das Wasserballett

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Giovanni is a courageous boy. He loves synchronised swimming and is determined to take part in the Dutch championships – the first boy ever to do so. His schoolmates tease him but this does not bother him one bit. He adores being with the girls and creating artistic formations in the water. Doing the splits is of course a bit of a challenge but he trains hard and can barely sleep the night before the heats. Although he is only ten, Giovanni already has a girlfriend, Kim. The pair talk light-heartedly about their relationship. Kim likes him because he is the craziest boy she knows, and she supports his hobby. A charming documentary that demonstrates how much can be gained if you allow yourself to go your own way.

Netherlands 2014, 17 min


Astrid Bussink

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