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TABA "El Juego En La Mesa"

TABA "Table Game"

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Four centuries ago, Yi Sam Pyeong discovered the kaolin deposits which gave rise to the first porcelain workshops in the Japanese town of Arita. This porcelain enjoyed its highest renown after the Dutch West India Company, along with one of its principal patrons, Augustus II, introduced it to Europe. However, following the civil war in China in the 18th century, Chinese porcelain came to the fore, removing all traces of the previously precious porcelain from Arita.
350 years later, the Catalan restaurant Mugaritz has developed a culinary performance to be enacted during the dining experience. The ultimate goal of two distant teams is to conceive a replica of the porcelain handicraft.
Can innocence challenge the rules of the table? Could this exercise be the excuse to rescue the mother of European porcelain? La Fura Dels Baus lays out an eternal debate in its own visual language.

After the screening: menu by the Roca-Brothers

Spain / Japan 2013, 9 min


Pep Gatell, Eloi Colom


Rafa Goicoechea
Nacho Naya
Shinji Terauchi
Akira Fujii
Sanbei Kanegae