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Das Mädchen Rosemarie

A Girl Called Rosemarie

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The Berlinale was deeply shocked to learn of the death of German producer Bernd Eichinger. For this reason, the festival will screen a work directed by Eichinger in 1996: DAS MÄDCHEN ROSEMARIE (THE GIRL ROSEMARIE), with this year’s International Jury member Nina Hoss in the leading role.

Rosemarie Nitribitt wants a good deal more from life than a shrivelled existence in a dismal little apartment, spending her time looking after kids and scrimping and saving every penny. She wants a piece of the action and dreams of having an altogether more glamorous time on the sunny side of life. She sallies forth, with boundless naïvety and nothing but youth and beauty to recommend her – and her determination to grab every chance she gets with both hands. Her first step up the ladder is provided by Nadler, a petty criminal with a good heart. In the less than salubrious bar where Rosemarie works as a hostess she meets Hartog, a wealthy man who has what it takes to fulfil her dreams. Desperate to gain his attention, she flings herself in front of his car. A shocked Hartog nonetheless succumbs to her seductive charms as he drives her home. Rosemarie sees Hartog as her ticket to happiness – until it dawns on her that she has been no more than a dalliance and Hartog has better things to do, namely, prepare for his wedding to fiancée Christine…

Germany 1996, 134 min


Bernd Eichinger


Nina Hoss
Heiner Lauterbach
Mathieu Carrière

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