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Apele Tac

Silent River

Stille Wasser

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Rumania in 1986. Two men decide to escape. They swim across the Danube. On the other side of the river is Yugoslavia. And beyond it, the West. This is not their first attempt to flee – but this time, they must succeed. They can’t go on living like this. Everything is prepared for their escape. The men are nervous, on edge. Tomorrow’s the day. Then one of them says they want to take a third person along. ‘No way’, says the other. ‘Three is one too many. I help you and you help me.’
Neither can go alone. Each needs the other and each must make a decision. And so it all begins.

Germany / Romania 2011, 31 min


Anca Miruna Lazarescu


Cuzin Toma
Andi Vasluianu
Patricia Moga