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The Stool Pigeon

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Inspector Don Lee often works with informants to solve his cases, with stool pigeons. In a ploy to convict the notorious jewel thief Barbarian, Don smuggles Ghost Jr, recently released from jail, into his gang. Lee is plagued with scruples; an informant from an earlier case whose cover was blown now leads a destitute and traumatized life on the streets. Lee has also ruined his wife’s life with a slip-up. When Ghost enters dangerous waters, Lee decides to step in. With his most recent film, Dante Lam, whose "Beast Stalker" was shown in the 2009 Forum, presents a sophisticated genre piece that successfully lends its characters emotional depth. The tragic love stories of three couples appear against the backdrop of surveillance and wild chase scenes, giving the plot a crucial change of direction. But above all Lam uses real-life places in Hong Kong for his visually stimulating scenes. The modern architecture plays just as important a role as the small labyrinthine markets with their wooden sheds and an abandoned classroom piled up with tables and chairs.

Hong Kong, China 2010, 112 min


Dante Lam


Nicholas Tse
Nick Cheung
Kwai Lun-Mei

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