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A new version of Hari of Andrej Tarkovsky's Solaris encounters two other undead from film history: Godard's Nana and Antonionis's Giuliana who, following a sex change, has now become Julian. Lost in an abandoned forest clearing, the three characters attempt to close with their past: to "find their end", to "bury history", to kill themselves, to beat each other to death. The plot is organised around a burial that never comes to a close and so becomes an endless burial loop. The three characters are captured again and again in a present that repeats in variations.

Hence the zombies sing a song, but it is that of life. (Gilles Deleuze)

Austria 2009, 69 min


Constanze Ruhm


Dominic Oley
Irina Kastrinidis
Judith Vanderwerff