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Kdopak by se vlka bál

Who is Afraid of the Wolf

Wer fürchtet sich vor dem Wolf

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Once upon a time there was a little girl name Terezka who loved to hear the story of Red Riding Hood and the big, bad wolf. Every evening her mother would be asked to read this fairy-tale to her, after which she would dream of walking through the grass-green woods wearing a bright red scarf on her head. And so Terezka lived happily with her parents and enjoyed going to kindergarten with her friend, Šimon … But, as is so often with fairy-tales, in real life things sometimes turn out to be not at all as we expect. Dad’s always saying that Mum comes from Venus. She probably really is an alien that draws her energy from the sun, because she’s behaving very strangely these days: she keeps on forgetting school trips; she rows with Dad and is always making music with that stupid Patrik. The only thing that Terezka knows for sure is that things are definitely going awry. But every time she asks the grown-ups she only seems to get answers she can’t understand. Her friend is probably the only one who can help her in this confusing situation, but before Terezka and Šimon can conduct further investigations, Mum and Patrik are called back to their planet. But Terezka refuses to board an aircraft with two aliens. There certainly aren’t any aliens in Red Riding Hood’s wood.

Czech Republic 2008, 90 min


Maria Procházková


Dorotka Dedkova
Jitka Cvancarova
Pavel Reznicek
Martin Hofmann
Jana Krausova
Matous Kratina

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