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Conor a young actor, leaves for an acting job in the countryside. Following precise instructions, he and his fellow actresses are supposed to re-enact scenes from the life of Joe, a terminally ill director. Yet the setting is more spring-like than morbid and Conor makes himself familiar not only with Joe’s life but with the place, a sort of spiritual hotel. The film’s title refers to an Australian Aboriginal dance ritual, and Conor comes across as an invited guest at a ritual who initially has only a vague idea of its meaning. It is the strict emphasis on form that is immanent to both, ritual and film. Hackworth fortunately refrains from conventional narrative tricks and psychologically one-dimensional and predictable characters. His narrative movements are circular instead of following a straight line. And the gap that is layed out in the constant double role play offers to deliberate narrative story-telling as such. The excellent ensemble makes sure that this is not a mere intellectual pleasure. Insofar as Friedrich Schiller’s concept of the “Spieltrieb” (the play drive) defines playing as a link between sensual and intellectual perception, Corroboree displays a very playful director. Let’s hope, he’ll never grow up.
Anna Hoffmann

Australia 2007, 96 min


Ben Hackworth


Conor O'Hanlon
Susan Lyons
Rebecca Frith
Natasha Herbert
Jethro Cave
Jane McArthur
Margaret Mills
Ian Scott

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