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The moon shines benevolently on Treasure Town where small boys can fly. Treasure Town is a futuristic world where life can sometimes be very gentle - and sometimes very cruel. This is particularly true for two small orphaned peasants who are obliged to wander the streets, day in, day out, in search of a way to earn money. Crafty and devious they may be but, underneath it all, Black and White are just two boys struggling to survive in a harsh environment. And life is getting tougher by the minute in this surreal-looking metropolis. Black and White must fight a war if they are to hold on to what used to be the soul of this city - and save themselves.
The original title, TEKKONKINKREET, comes from the Japanese and is a pun on the words "concrete", "iron" and "muscles". The director sees this title as a metaphor for a predatory urban jungle which is liberated from the forces of evil as a result of the film's imaginative heroes. Black and White fuse the ingenuity and uncompromising qualities of the superhero with the innocence of playful children. On the rampage during the day, they disappear at night. The two boys can fly; they also possess considerable expertise when it comes to wielding a baseball bat or a piece of metal pipe. Most importantly, they are both searching for a place in life they can call their own. In TEKKONKINKREET director Michael Arias combines state-of-the-art 3D CGI technology with traditional Japanese animetechniques.

Japan 2006, 111 min


Michael Arias

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