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Helmiä ja sikoja

Pearls And Pigs

Perlen und Säue


The Hirvonens are in trouble. The last bout of excessive drinking has left their small business of bootlegged drinks and snacks in ruins and the family now owe a hefty sum of money. A last ditch attempt to save the family business ends in disaster and the head of the family winds up behind bars. All at once, the four sons are left to fend for themselves. Things are further complicated when the boy’s half-sister Saara moves in with them. However, the girl’s mother has lost interest in raising another child now that Dad can no longer afford to keep up the maintenance payments.
Lade, the most responsible of the brothers, steps into his father’s shoes and tries to make sure that things don’t go completely awry. He organises a Karaoke welcoming party for Saara, who turns out to be a talented singer. A marvellous idea begins to ripen in the boys’ minds. With a little coaching, couldn’t Saara take part and even win “Superkid”, an upcoming Finnish talent-spotting contest? The only snag is that Saara happens to be painfully shy and the mere thought of performing sends her running to lock herself in the bathroom.
Nevertheless, the boys start rehearsing with Saara; however, progress is rather slow until Laura arrives on the scene. A former child star herself, Laura knows exactly how to help Saara and it is not long before she turns her into an excellent performer. News of Saara’s talent soon spreads. All too soon, there are others who begin to take an interest in her potential – as well as the prize-money that could be in the offing.

Finland 2003, 114 min


Perttu Leppä


Mikko Leppilampi
Amanda Pilke
Laura Birn
Timo Lavikainen
Jimi Pääkallo
Unto Helo

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