Berlinale: Programme

Programme 1999


8mm - Eight Millimeter | 8mm - Acht Millimeter
by Joel Schumacher, USA
Aimée & Jaguar
by Max Färberböck, Germany
Au coeur du mensonge | The Color Of Lies | Die Farbe der Lüge
by Claude Chabrol, France
Breakfast Of Champions | Breakfast Of Champions - Frühstück für Helden
by Alan Rudolph, USA
Ca commence aujourd'hui | It All Starts Today | Es beginnt heute
by Bertrand Tavernier, France
Cookie's Fortune
by Robert Altman, USA
by Jeff Stark, United Kingdom
El topo y el hada | The Mole And The Fairy | Der Maulwurf und die Fee
by Grojo, Spain
Emporte-moi | Set Me Free | Nimm mich mit
by Léa Pool, Canada / Switzerland
En kväll pa stan | One Night Downtown | Abends in der Stadt
by Per Carleson, Sweden
Entre las piernas | Between Your Legs | Zwischen deinen Beinen
by Manuel Gómez Pereira, Spain / Germany
by David Cronenberg, Canada / USA
Faraon | Pharao
by Sergej Ovtscharov, Russian Federation
Glória | Gloria
by Manuela Viegas, Portugal / France
Günese yolculuk | Journey To The Sun | Reise zur Sonne
by Yesim Ustaoglu, Turkey
by Anja Perl,Petra Schröder, Germany
by Thomas Vincent, France / Belgium
Keiho dai sanjyukyu jyo | Keiho
by Yoshimitsu Morita, Japan
Koly | Die Pflöcke
by Boris Kazakov, Russian Federation
La nina de tus ojos | The Girl Of Your Dreams | Das Mädchen deiner Träume
by Fernando Trueba, Spain
by Piotr Karwas, Germany
Mifunes sidste sang - Dogme 3 | Mifune - Dogme 3
by Soeren Kragh-Jacobsen, Denmark / Sweden
Nachtgestalten | Nightshapes
by Andreas Dresen, Germany
by Michele De Virgilio, N. Scorza, Italy
Playing By Heart
by Willard Carroll, USA
Qian yan wan yu | Ordinary Heroes | Alltägliche Helden
by Ann Hui, Hong Kong
Shakespeare in Love
by John Madden, United Kingdom
Simon Magus
by Ben Hopkins, United Kingdom
by Susann Reck, Germany
The Hi-Lo Country | Hi-Lo Country
by Stephen Frears, USA / United Kingdom
The Offering | Das Opfer
by Paul Lee, Canada
The Thin Red Line | Der schmale Grat
by Terrence Malick, USA
Three Seasons
by Tony Bui, Vietnam / USA
Urban Feel
by Jonathan Sagall, Israel

Competition (out of competition)

Buena Vista Social Club
by Wim Wenders, Germany
One True Thing | Familiensache
by Carl Franklin, USA
The Faculty
by Robert Rodriguez, USA

Competition (Special Screening)

Being There | Willkommen, Mr.Chance
by Hal Ashby, USA
Porgy And Bess | Porgy und Bess
by Otto Preminger, USA
Pünktchen und Anton | Annaluise And Anton
by Caroline Link, Germany
The Last Days
by James Moll, USA
Un spécialiste | A Specialist | Ein Spezialist
by Eyal Sivan, France / Germany


Ah, haru | Wait And See
by Shinji Somai, Japan
Aila | The Family | Die Familie
by R.Ibragimbekov, R.H. Mirzoev, Azerbaijan / Russian Federation
by Serik Aprymov, Kazakhstan
Amic/amat | Beloved/Friend | Geliebter/Freund
by Ventura Pons, Spain
by Jerry Tartaglia, USA
Anni di latta
by Luca Busso, Italy
Apo tin akri tis polis | From The Edge Of The City
by Constantine Giannaris, Greece
by Ilppo Pohjola, Finland
by Thom Fitzgerald, Canada
Below The Belt
by Laurie Colbert, D.Cardona, Canada
Better Than Chocolate
by Anne Wheeler, Canada
Birdcage Inn
by Kim Ki-Duk, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Bishonen | Beauty
by Yonfan, Hong Kong
Blokpost | Checkpoint
by Alexandr Rogoschkin, Russian Federation
by Joshua Rosenzweig, USA
Closed Country
by Kaspar Kasics, Switzerland
by Felix Viscarret, Spain
Ferkel | Piglets
by Luc Feit, Germany
by Amos Kollek, USA
Fucking Amal | Show Me Love
by Lukas Moodysson, Sweden
Gendernauts | Gendernauts - A Journey Through Shifting Identities | Gendernauts - Eine Reise durch die Geschlechter
by Monika Treut, Germany
Gierig | Lust For Life
by Oskar Roehler, Germany
Go To Shanghai
by Daniela Abke, Dorothee Brüwer, Germany
Helden in Tirol | Heroes In Tyrol
by Niki List, Austria / Switzerland
Historia kina w popielawach | The History Of The Cinema In The Village Of Popielawy | Die Geschichte des Kinos im Dorf Popielawy
by Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
by Kirsten Johnson, USA
Jin-Roh | The Wolf Brigade
by Hiroyuki Okiura, Japan
José Rizal
by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Philippines
Kínai védelem | Chinese Defense
by Gábor Tompa, Hungary / Romania
Kurt Gerrons Karussell | Kurt Gerron's Karussell
by Ilona Ziok, Germany / Netherlands
Lágrimas negras | Black Tears
by Ricardo Franco,Fernando Bauluz, Spain
La nouvelle Eve | New Eve
by Catherine Corsini, France
by Manu Kamanda, Belgium
Little Voice
by Mark Herman, United Kingdom
Liu Awaiting Spring
by Andrew Soo, Australia
Lola und Bilidikid | Lola And Bilidikid
by Kutlug Ataman, Germany
Matrimoni | Marriages
by Cristina Comencini, Italy
by Ulrich Seidl, Austria
Nein! Zeugen des Widerstandes in München 1933-1945 | No! Witnesses Of Resistance In Munich 1933-45
by Katrin Seybold, Germany
Nicht auf den Mund
by Kathrin Feistl, Germany
Nina Hagen - Punk + Glory
by Peter Sempel, Germany
NY'NY 'n Why Not
by Michael Brynntrup, Germany
Otac,sin,sveti duh | Father,Son,Holy Spirit
by Zelimir Gvardiol, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Palmer's Pickup: An American Roadshow Odyssey
by Christopher Coppola, USA
by Cate Shortland, Australia
Platonische Liebe
by Philipp Kadelbach, Germany
by M.Vargas, P.Guimaraes, Brazil
by John Curran, Australia
Quelque chose d'organique | Something Organic
by Bertrand Bonello, France / Canada
by Ulrich Köhler, Germany
Rien sur Robert
by Pascal Bonitzer, France
by Patrice Toye, Belgium
Schpaaa | Schpaa
by Erik Poppe, Norway
Sin ti | Without You | Ohne dich
by Alejandra Carmona, Germany
Sled kraja na sveta | After The End Of The World | Nach dem Ende der Welt
by Ivan Nitschev, Bulgaria / Greece
Solas | Alone | Alleine
by Benito Zambrano, Spain
Speedway Junky
by Nickolas Perry, Israel / USA
Still Crazy
by Brian Gibson, United Kingdom
Tala med mig systrar! | Speak To Me Sisters! | Redet mit mir, Schwestern!
by Maj Wechselmann, Sweden / South Africa
The Loss Of Sexual Innocence
by Mike Figgis, United Kingdom
The Man Who Drove With Mandela
by Greta Schiller, United Kingdom / Netherlands
The Reckoning
by Kevin Sim, USA / United Kingdom
The Source
by Chuck Workman, USA
The War Zone
by Tim Roth, United Kingdom
by Jim Fall, USA
Uferlos | New Shore
by Marco Mittelstaedt, Germany
Um copo de cólera | A Glass Of Rage | Ein Glas Wut
by Aluizio Abranches, Brazil
Vaarwel Pavel | Farewell Pavel
by Rosemarie Blank, Netherlands
Velinhas | Candles | Kerzen
by Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil
Verbal Sex: The Art Of Nyna
by Alberto Ferreras, USA
Visit From Outer Space
by Sietske Tjallingii, Netherlands
Vuoti a perdere | No Deposit,No Return
by Massimo Costa, Italy

Panorama (Special Screenings)

Overstimulated: 6 Short Films By Jack Smith
by Jack Smith, USA


1997 (Sapisi rustema s kartinkami) | 1997 (Rustem's Notes With Drawings) | 1997 (Rustems Notizen mit Zeichnungen)
by Ardak Amirkulov, Kazakhstan
by Ly Ying, Japan
by Tatsuya Mori, Japan
Adieu Forain | Bye Bye Souirty | Adieu, Schausteller
by Daoud Aoulad Syad, France / Morocco
Adrenaline Drive
by Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan
Ajanse schischei | The Glass Agency | Die gläserne Agentur
by Ebrahim Hatamikia, Iran
An American Love Story I-III
by Jennifer Fox, USA / France
An American Love Story IV-VI
by Jennifer Fox, USA / France
An American Love Story VII-IX
by Jennifer Fox, USA / France
A Tokyo Fusebox
by Susanna Salonen, Germany
Banu | The Lady | Die Dame
by Dariush Mehrjui, Iran
Bei zheng / Journey To Beijing | Journey To Beijing | Journey To Beijing / Der Marsch nach Norden
by Evans Chan, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Bhoothakkannadi | The Magnifying Glass | Das Vergrößerungsglas
by A.K. Lohithadas, India
by Jim Shedden, Canada
Brigitte und Marcel - Golzower Lebenswege | Brigitte und Marcel - Lifelines From Golzow
by Barbara & Winfried Junge, Germany
by Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon / France
Choyonghan - kajok | The Quiet Family | Die verschwiegene Familie
by Kim Ji-Woon, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Damenwahl - Szenen aus dem Abendland | Lady's Choice - Scenes From The Occident
by Viola Stephan, Germany
by Thomas Arslan, Germany
Dil se | From The Heart | Von Herzen
by Mani Ratnam, India
Dog Food
by Seiichi Tanabe, Japan
El siglo del viento | Century Of The Wind | Das Jahrhundert des Sturms
by Fernando Birri, Germany
Expect The Unexpected
by Patrick Yau, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Fabrik / Leben | Factory / Life
by Alfred Behrens, Germany
Femme... et femmes | Women... And Women | Frauen... und Frauen
by Chraibi Saad, Morocco
Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann | Mr.Zwilling And Mrs.Zuckermann
by Volker Koepp, Germany
In principo erano le mutande | In The Beginning There Was Underwear | Am Anfang waren die Unterhosen
by Anna Negri, Italy
Isbannik (A.Solchenizyn) | The Chosen One (A.Solchenizyn) | Der Erwählte (A.Solchenizyn)
by Olesja Fokina, Russian Federation
Janmadinam | The Day Of Birth | Der Tag der Geburt
by Suma Josson, India
Joe Hill
by Bo Widerberg, Sweden
by Aki Kaurismäki, Finland
Kaliyattam | The Play Of God (Othello)
by Jayarraj Rajasekharan Nair, India
Keid ensa | Women's Wiles | Die List der Frauen
by Farida Benlyazid, Morocco / Switzerland
by Bettina Ellerkamp, J.Heitmann, Germany
La falaise | The Cliff | Die Klippe
by Faouzi Bensaidi, France / Morocco
La petite vendeuse de soleil | The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun | Das Mädchen,das die Sonne verkaufte
by Djibril Diop Mambéty, Senegal / Switzerland
La vida es silbar | Life Is To Whistle | Das Leben ist Pfeifen
by Fernando Pérez, Cuba / Spain
La vie sur terre | Life on Earth | Das Leben auf Erden
by Abderrahmane Sissako, Mali / France
Les casablancais | People From Casablanca | Die Leute aus Casablanca
by Abdelkader Lagtaa, Morocco
Lila Lili
by Marie Vermillard, France
Liv till varje pris | Life at any Cost | Leben um jeden Preis
by Stefan Jarl, Sweden
L'ospite | The Guest | Der Gast
by Alessandro Colizzi, Italy
Meili xin shijie | Beautiful New World | Schöne neue Welt
by Shi Rijiu, People's Republic of China
by Nabil Ayouch, Morocco
Nekem lámpást adott a kezembe az ur pesten | The Lord's Lantern In Budpest | Gottes Laterne in Budapest
by Miklós Jancsó, Hungary
Ningen gokaku | License To Live | Als Mensch zugelassen
by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan
by Olafur Sveinsson, Germany
Nos traces silencieuses | Our Silent Traces | Unsere stummen Spuren
by Sophie Bredier, Myriam Aziza, France
Okraina | Outskirts | Randbezirk
by Pjotr Luzik, Russian Federation
One Of Us (Either / Or)
by Susan Korda, USA
Poniedzialek | Monday | Montag
by Witold Adamek, Poland
Por esos ojos | For The Eyes Of Mariana | Für diese Augen
by Gonzalo Arijon, Uruguay / France
by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria
Quatre femmes d'egypte | Four Women Of Egypt | Vier Frauen aus Ägypten
by Tahani Rached, Canada
Qu nian yan hua te bie duo | The Longest Summer | Der längste Sommer
by Fruit Chan, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Rose e pistole | Guns And Roses | Rosen und Pistolen
by Carla Apuzzo, Italy
by Syd Atlas, Uwe Lauterkorn, Germany
Silvia Prieto
by Martin Rejtman, Argentina / France
Si me comprendieras | If you only understood | Wenn du mich verstehen würdest
by Rolando Díaz Rodriguez, Spain
Sladké století | Sweet Century | Das süße Jahrhundert
by Helena Trestíková, Czech Republic
Slow Fade
by Daniel Chan, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
The Cruise
by Bennett Miller, USA
The Double Life Of Ernesto Gomez Gomez
by Gary Weimberg, USA / Mexico
The Hitman
by Tung Wai, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
The Real McCoy
by Pekka Lehto, Finland
Thug Life In D.C. | Gangsterleben in D.C.
by Marc Levin, USA
by Michael Almereyda, USA
by Julian L. Goldberger, USA
Trois ponts sur la rivière | Three Bridges Over A River | Drei Brücken über den Fluß
by Jean-Claude Biette, France / Portugal
Uhri - elokuva metsästä | The Sacrifice - A Film About A Forest | Das Opfer - ein Film über einen Wald
by Markku Lehmuskallio, Finland
Vers la mer | Towards The Sea | Bis ans Meer
by Annik Leroy, Belgium
Viehjud Levi
by Didi Danquart, Germany / Switzerland
Wremja tschu enlaja | Time of Tschu en Lai | Die Zeit des Tschu en Lai
by Juri Chaschtschewatskij, Russian Federation
Yek ettefaghe sadeh | A Simple Event | Ein einfaches Ereignis
by Sohrab Shahid Saless, Iran
Yom huledet same'ach, mar mograbi | Happy Birthday,Mr.Mograbi
by Avi Mograbi, Israel
Yom Yom | Day After Day | Von Tag zu Tag
by Amos Gitai, Israel
Zwety kalenduly | Flowers Of Marigold | Die Blüte der Calendula
by Sergej Sneshkin, Russian Federation

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

by Natalie Kaplan, Israel
A reuniao dos demonios | The Demon's Meeting | Das Treffen der Dämonen
by Antonio Cecilio Neto, Brazil
Bare skyer beveger stjernene | Only Clouds Move The Stars | Nur Wolken können die Sterne bewegen
by Torun Lian, Norway
Bror, min bror | Theis And Nico | Theis und Nico
by Henrik Ruben Genz, Denmark
by Lien Willaert, Belgium
Chrysanthemum | Chrysantheme
by Virgina Wilkos, USA
De bal | The Ball | Der Ball
by Dany Deprez, Belgium / Netherlands
Die 3 Posträuber | The 3 Mail Robbers
by Andreas Prochaska, Austria
En el Espejo del Cielo | In The Mirror Of The Sky | Der Spiegel des Himmels
by Carlos Salces, Mexico
Flugsoppan | The Flysoup | Die Fliegensuppe
by Lennart + Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Sweden
Kto, esli ne mij | Who else, If Not We | Wer, wenn nicht wir
by Valerij Prijomichov, Russian Federation
Le chat d'appartement | Apartment Cat
by Sarah Roper, France
Madelief; krassen in het tafelblad | Scratches In The Table | Madelief - das Zeichen auf dem Tisch
by Ineke Houtman, Netherlands
Marvellous Milly
by Alexandra Schatz, Germany
Mehr-e maadary | Maternal Love | Mutterliebe
by Kamal Tabrizi, Iran
Missing Link
by Ger Poppelaars, Netherlands / Germany
Ole Aleksander filibom-bom-bom | Ollie Alexander Tiddly-Om-Pom-Pom | Ole Alexander Filibom-bom-bom
by Anne Marie Noerholm, Norway
Patterns | Muster
by Kirsten Sheridan, Ireland
Pete's Meteor | Petes Meteor
by Joe O'Byrne, Ireland / USA
Poika ja ilves | Tommy And The Wildcat | Der Junge und der Luchs
by Raimo O. Niemi, Finland / Denmark
Sancta mortale
by Ilse Somers, Belgium
Stjärnsystrar | Starsisters | Sternenkinder
by Tobias Falk, Sweden / Denmark
by Amnon Kotler, Israel
Susei yam | Sea Horses | Seepferdchen
by Nir Bergman, Israel
The Bear | Der Bär
by Hilary Andus, United Kingdom
The First Snow Of Winter
by Graham Ralph, United Kingdom
The Sweetest Gift | Süße Gaben
by Stuart Margolin, Canada
The Tic Code
by Gary Winick, USA
Tsips | Chips
by Kostas Machairas, Greece / Germany
Zwei in einem Boot | Two In A Boat
by Cornelia Grünberg, Germany


Advise And Consent | Sturm über Washington
by Otto Preminger, USA
Anatomy Of A Filmmaker | Otto Preminger Anatomie eines Filmemachers
by Valerie A.Robins, USA
Anatomy Of A Murder | Anatomie eines Mordes
by Otto Preminger, USA
Angel Face | Engelsgesicht
by Otto Preminger, USA
A Royal Scandal | A Royal Scandal aka Czarina | Skandal bei Hofe
by Otto Preminger, USA
Batman - Green Ice / Batman - Deep Freeze
by George Waggner, USA
Bonjour Tristesse
by Otto Preminger, USA
Bunny Lake Is Missing | Bunny Lake ist verschwunden
by Otto Preminger, United Kingdom
Carmen Jones
by Otto Preminger, USA
Centennial Summer
by Otto Preminger, USA
Daisy Kenyon
by Otto Preminger, USA
Danger, Love At Work
by Otto Preminger, USA
Der magische Gürtel
by Hans Brennert, Germany (through 1945)
Die grosse Liebe
by Otto Preminger, Austria
Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach | The Moon Is Blue | Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach (dt. Version von The Moon Is Blue)
by Otto Preminger, USA
by Otto Preminger, USA
Fallen Angel | Mord in der Hochzeitsnacht
by Otto Preminger, USA
Forever Amber | Amber, die große Kurtisane
by Otto Preminger, USA
Hurry Sundown | Morgen ist ein neuer Tag
by Otto Preminger, USA
In Harm's Way | Erster Sieg
by Otto Preminger, USA
In Nacht und Eis
by Mime Misu, Germany (through 1945)
In The Meantime, Darling
by Otto Preminger, USA
by Otto Preminger, USA
Margin For Error | Irrtum nicht ausgeschlossen
by Otto Preminger, USA
Otto Preminger. Ein Portrait
by W. Jacobsen,M. Koerber u.a., Germany
Producer's Showcase: Tonight at 8:30
by Otto Preminger, USA
River Of No Return | Fluß ohne Wiederkehr
by Otto Preminger, USA
Rosebud | Unternehmen Rosebud
by Otto Preminger, USA
Saint Joan | Die heilige Johanna
by Otto Preminger, United Kingdom
by Otto Preminger, USA
Stalag 17
by Billy Wilder, USA
Such Good Friends | So gute Freunde
by Otto Preminger, USA
Suspense: Operation Barracuda
by Robert Mulligan, USA
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
by Otto Preminger, USA
That Lady In Ermine | Die Frau mit dem Hermelin
by E. Lubitsch, O. Preminger, USA
The Cardinal | Der Kardinal
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Court Martial Of Billy Mitchell | Verdammt zum Schweigen
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Fan
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Human Factor | Der menschliche Faktor
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "Anatomy Of A Murder"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "In Harms Way"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "Saint Joan"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "Such Good Friends"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Making Of "The Cardinal"
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Man With The Golden Arm | Der Mann mit dem goldenen Arm
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Moon Is Blue | Wolken sind überall (sh. auch F-Nr.:2027)
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Pied Piper
by Irving Pichel, USA
The Thirteenth Letter
by Otto Preminger, USA
The Wedding March | Hochzeitsmarsch
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
They Got Me Covered
by David Butler, USA
Under Your Spell
by Otto Preminger, USA
Where The Sidewalk Ends | Faustrecht der Großstadt
by Otto Preminger, USA
by Otto Preminger, USA