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After several spaceships disappear without a trace near the space station Margot, the High Council is called together. Conflict ensues between Maria Scholl, head of the “Earth Centre” station, and professor Ole Tal, whose daughter is among the missing in space. Against Tal’s will, young scientist Scholl pushes through a ban on all space flight. Meanwhile, on a nearby asteroid, cosmonaut Dan Lagny is dreaming of a return to Earth – and the arms of Maria, whom he met during a vacation on the Galapagos Islands. In fact, the two meet up again in their professional roles on the Margot, where Tal has been waiting for his opponents … A tapestry of new beginning fantasies and psychedelic colours set to easy-listening sounds. Dealing with surprisingly earthbound problems, and peppered with the corresponding props, Eolomea is proof of a cinematic “détente policy” reaching even into East Germany. The script portrays a self-assured, skilled woman and, at her side, the character of Dan, who was an unusually civil captain for the genre. His ostentatious cool is further enhanced by the voice of Manfred Krug, who dubbed the character.

Herrmann Zschoche

German Democratic Republic 1972


82’ · Colour · 70 mm

Rating R6


Cox Habbema
Iwan Andonow
Rolf Hoppe
Wsewolod Sanajew
Peter Slabakow
Wolfgang Greese
Holger Mahlich


Herrmann Zschoche
Herrmann Zschoche, scenario by Angel Wagenstein
Director of Photography
Günter Jaeuthe
Helga Gentz
Günther Fischer
Günther Witt, Georg Gutschmidt
Special Effects
Kurt Marks, Boris Trawkin
Set Construction
Erich Krüllke, Werner Pieske
Barbara Müller
Lothar Stäglich, Christa Grewald

Produced by

DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme

Copy: Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv, Berlin