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Popeye Sees 3D


Studying painting with Hans Hofmann had sensitized me to depth phenomena, to strange readings of depth including the most unnatural: flat. In 1964, I learned of the Pulfrich Effect and gained access to wholly illusionistic depth way beyond indication. This led in 1975 to my partner Flo and I beginning to explore the Nervous System, performing with two stop-motion film projectors to superimpose sequential film frames showing different perspectives for extended periods of time. A spinning shutter between projectors activated the compound image onscreen, introducing depths available even to a single eye but strange, uncanny; nuts. In 2000 we switched to digital processes, we patented our discoveries for the new medium and exploration continued, continues. Eternalisms show stereo photographs, their two close perspectives joined via computer to display as a single ongoing dimensional image that can be seen without glasses. Not to be trusted for a moment but interesting. Popeye Sees 3D is a display of some of these images.

Ken Jacobs

USA 2016


21’ · Colour


Ken Jacobs
Director of Photography
Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs
Production Manager
Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs


Ken Jacobs

Ken Jacobs was born in 1933 in New York, USA. He studied painting with Hans Hofmann from 1956 to 1957. He started making films in 1955. In 1966, Jacobs founded the Millennium Film Workshop, of which he was the director until 1968. A year later he started the Department of Cinema at the State University of New York in Binghamton. He taught there from 1974 until his retirement in 2000. Along with teaching cinema, he has made a number of experimental films and videos, which have been shown worldwide. In addition, he has presented a series of film performances under the names “The Nervous System” since the mid 1970s and “The Nervous Magic Lantern” since 2000.

Filmography (selection)

1955 Orchard Street 1959 Star Spangled to Death 1963 The Whirled · Blonde Cobra · Baud’larian Capers 1960 Little Stabs at Happiness 1964 Window · The Winter Footage 1967 Air Shaft 1968 Soft Rain · Nissan Ariana Window 1969 Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son · Globe 1975 Urban Peasants 1978 The Doctor’s Dream 1985 Perfect Film · The Winter Footage 1990 Opening the Nineteenth Century: 1896 1991 Keaton’s Cops 1995 The Georgetown Loop · Disorient Express 1999 Flo Rounds a Corner 2002 A Tom Tom Chaser · Circling Zero: Part One, We See Absence 2003 Keeping an Eye on Stan · Capitalism: Slavery 2004 Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging Noise · Mountaineer Spinning · Star Spangled to Death 2006 New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 2007 Let There Be Whistleblowers · Razzle Dazzle (The Lost World) · Capitalism: Child Labor · Anaglyph Tom (Tom with Puffy Cheeks) 2009 What Happened on 23rd Street in 1901 2011 Seeking the Monkey King 2012 Street Vendor · Cyclopean 3D Life with a Beautiful Woman · Blankets for Indians 3D 2013 A Primer in Sky Socialism · Joys of Waiting for the Broadway Bus · The Guests 2014 Pygmalion Cubed · Canopy · Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies 2016 Popeye Sees 3D · Ulysses in the Subway; 59 Min., Forum Expanded 2017, with Flo Jacobs, Marc Downie, and Paul Kaiser 2017 Shelley Duvall is Olive Oyl

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Ken Jacobs