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La frontera infinita

The Infinite Border

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Every year hundred of thousands of people from South America attempt to immigrate undocumented into the USA by passing through Mexico. The long, grueling journey is made even harder by criminalization, persecution, and not least by an almost insurmountable border fence. The men, women, and numerous young people who have left everything behind in search of a better life place their steadfast hopes against all of this. “Who is an immigrant? Who is not an immigrant? How can we get beyond these categories?” says the sparingly used off-commentary, which also critically questions its own project. The result of this process of reflection is a film that is not interested in statistics and analyses, but in the stories and thoughts of people who won’t let anything (not danger, not missing limbs, not multiple failure) stop them from trying their luck. A film that travels along with these people for a while, never taking them for victims. A film with an explicitly cinematographic form which conveys its points visually. And which locates the border not in the geo-political, but between people. La frontera infinita – the border is everywhere.
Birgit Kohler

Mexico 2007, 90 min


Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

World Sales

Mexican Film Institute