2024 | on scene

Young Photographers at the Berlinale

on scene 2024

In 2024, the Berlinale presented the "on scene" photography project in cooperation with the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. From February 16 to 23, 2024, 22 students had the opportunity to prove themselves amidst the festival action and demonstrate their talent.

The students participating in the project were Emma Ackermann, Justus Almstedt, Anrina Altmaier, Mailin Buck, Isaiah Dimbo, Nils-Filip Dinkloh, Lisa-Marie Eberhardt, Olivia Ehrenberger, Antonia Fichtmann, Linda Gasper, Carla Hahn, Tilman Max Ihl, Moses Kraus, Leni Krog, Dylan Marques, Saskia Martens, Laïs Pochstein, Luisa Rasch, Mateo Schmitt Fuentes, Juliette Sost, Jonas Starke and Maximilian Walter.