A Greyhound of a Girl

Mary, Tansey und die Reise in die Nacht
“It’s not about being smart or the herbs or the heat or the timing. It’s really all about the heart.”

Granny is the best. While Mary’s home life is ruled by two older brothers, football and ready meals, she shares her grandmother’s rebellious spirit and love of home cooking. But the happy, carefree days in the kitchen with Granny are drawing to a close. At the same time, a mysterious woman appears in Mary’s life, ready to accompany her, her mother and her grandmother on a journey through the family’s history, bringing them all closer together for one last time as they dust off Granny’s past and straighten memories gone askew. The rich colours, sounds, smells and tastes of Ireland form a constant backdrop to Enzo d’Alò’s animated adaptation of a novel by Roddy Doyle, in which death is not the opposite of life, but part of it.
by Enzo d’Alò
with Mia O’Connor, Charlene McKenna, Brendan Gleeson, Sharon Horgan, Rosaleen Linehan, Paul Tylak
Luxembourg / Italy / Ireland / United Kingdom / Estonia / Latvia / Germany 2023 English 88’ Colour World premiere | Animation recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Mia O’Connor (Mary)
  • Charlene McKenna (Tansey)
  • Brendan Gleeson (Paddy)
  • Sharon Horgan (Scarlett)
  • Rosaleen Linehan (Emer)
  • Paul Tylak (Dr. Patel)


Director Enzo d’Alò
Screenplay Dave Ingham, Enzo d’Alò based on the novel of the same name by Roddy Doyle
Animation Iulian Grigoriu
Character Design Peter de Sève
Editing Gianluca Cristofari
Music David Rhodes
Sound Design Loic Collignon
Production Design Thomas Von Kummant
Assistant Director Aline Salvi
Production Manager Stéphane Cato
Producers Adrien Chef, Paul Thiltges, Xenia Douglas, Mark Cumberton, Richard Gordon, Riina Sildos, Vilnis Kalnaellis, Artur Kubiczek, Guy Collins
Executive Producer Adrien Chef

Enzo d’Alò

Born in Naples, Italy in 1953, he began working as a film and television director in 1980 and has since become one of the most renowned animation filmmakers in Europe. In 2010, he was one of the 50 guests of honour at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival as it celebrated its 50th anniversary.


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