The Architect
The inner city of the future is an expensive, alienating and empty place - except for the living mannequins and shop assistants who, even in ostensibly public spaces, bully those who linger into buying things. Julie is an architect. She is lucky because she is working for a renowned architectural practice, even if only as a coffee-making intern. When a large project to build a thousand flats in the centre of Oslo is put out to tender, she has an idea: why not convert the underground car parks that are empty in the car-free city centre into residential buildings? A needs-based, sustainable solution that would conserve resources. Average rents have long since become unaffordable for most working people, anyway. Naturally, there are no windows in these flats, but that is actually an advantage given the high price of glass. Besides, in Berlin, one hears, more people already live underground than above.
This debut series from screenwriting duo Nora Landsrød and Kristian Kilde and director Kerren Lumer-Klabbers is a clear-sighted and pitch-black satire about an all-too-near future, somewhere between “Brave New World” and “The World of Interiors”.
by Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
with Eili Harboe, Fredrik Stenberg D-S, Ingrid Unnur Giæver, Alexandra Gjerpen, Petronella Barker
Norway 2023 Norwegian 75’ Colour World premiere | Debut film | Broadcaster: Viaplay Group


  • Eili Harboe (Julie)
  • Fredrik Stenberg D-S (Marcus)
  • Ingrid Unnur Giæver (Kaja)
  • Alexandra Gjerpen (Nina)
  • Petronella Barker (Katharina)


Director Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
Screenplay Nora Landsrød, Kristian Kilde
Cinematography David Bauer
Editing Linn Heidi Slåttøy
Sound Design Inger Elise Holm, Siri Schippers Skaar
Sound Vilde Tiller Hagestande
Production Design Signe Krab Nymann
Costumes Maren Saedi
Make-Up Ragnhild Prestholt
Producers Øyvind Lierhagen Eriksen, Caroline Hitland
Executive Producers Sveinung Golimo, Henrik Zein, Isak Eymundsson, Kari Moen Kristiansen, Camilla Rydbacken

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Broadcaster: Viaplay Group