A new home, a new school, and a parent who no longer seems to be who he once was: confronted with her father’s sudden disability, nine-year-old Esra is struggling to come to terms with an unfamiliar reality. When she becomes entangled in a web of lies to her new friends, the emotional turmoil smouldering beneath the surface finally erupts, clearing the ground for Esra’s first tentative steps closer to her father.
by Luca Meisters
with Leah Fischer, Mustafa Duygulu, Nadia Amin, Joya Kloppenborg, Erwin Boschmans, Judith van den Berg
Netherlands 2023 Dutch 15’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 9 years and up


  • Leah Fischer (Esra)
  • Mustafa Duygulu (Father)
  • Nadia Amin (Mother)
  • Joya Kloppenborg (Sam)
  • Erwin Boschmans (Teacher)
  • Judith van den Berg (Mother of Sam)


Director Luca Meisters
Screenplay Nena van Driel
Cinematography Roy van Egmond
Editing Tessel Flora de Vries
Colourist Peter Bernaers
Music Annelotte Coster
Sound Design Coen Bruins
Sound Tim Marsman
Production Design Ziggy Zwart, Jakobien Veling
Costumes Judith van den Berg
Make-Up Sara Schoon
Casting Luca Meisters, Elske Falkena
Assistant Directors Ivonne Verbeek, Silke van Kamp
Production Manager Pelle Smit
Line Producer Erik Schut
Producers Nicky Onstenk, Marc Bary

Luca Meisters

Born in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 1996, the director graduated with a master’s degree from the city’s Institute of Performative Arts. Her graduation short Elf premiered at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen while her second short, Nova, was nominated for the Best Short Film award at the BUFF film festival in Malmö.

Filmography (short films)

2019 Elf (When Birds Fly Low) 2021 Nova 2023 Magma

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023