She – Hero
“Ants, please tell Mimi I ain’t mad at her and I’m waiting for her here.”

Romy's budgie Mimi has disappeared. Full of determination, she runs into the woods on the outskirts of town to find her bird again. Her mother has already bought a new one which Romy called “Nothing” out of anger and which only seems useful to lure Mimi into the cage. But Mimi doesn’t show up. Underway in the outdoors, however, Romy makes exciting discoveries and meets people full of mysteries. With the curious, critical gaze of a seven-year-old, Mira Fornay’s film enters a world between forests and rivers, where reality and fantasy merge. Romy is not the only one who seems to be looking for something that she has lost. A day passes, at the end of which wishes are sent into the universe.
by Mira Fornay
with Rozmarína Willems, Cyprián Šulej, Veronika Kořínková, Roman Lipka, Bohuslav Zárychta, Margita Mrvová, Mária Fornayová, Emil Štvrtecký, Miro Čevela, Jazmína Cigánková
Slovakia 2023 German, English, Slovak, Czech 83’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 5 years and up


  • Rozmarína Willems (Romy)
  • Cyprián Šulej (Cypko)
  • Veronika Kořínková (Mother)
  • Roman Lipka (Soldier)
  • Bohuslav Zárychta (Gravel Emperor)
  • Margita Mrvová (Boženka )
  • Mária Fornayová (Neighbour, she)
  • Emil Štvrtecký (Neighbour, he)
  • Miro Čevela (Businessman)
  • Jazmína Cigánková (Danica)


Director Mira Fornay
Screenplay Mira Fornay
Cinematography Simona Weisslechner
Editing Mira Fornay
Music Michal Kindernay
Sound Jan Čeněk
Costumes Nataša Štefunková
Assistant Director Adam Beran
Production Manager Zuzana Czaková
Producer Mira Fornay
Executive Producer Zuzana Czaková

Mira Fornay

The filmmaker has so far made four feature films and 14 shorts. She studied directing at Famu in Prague and at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield near London. Her second feature film, My Dog Killer, screened in competition at the 2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam where it won the Tiger Award. The film went on to win the “Slnko v sieti” national Slovak film award in the categories of Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Film and was the official Slovak entry for the Oscars.


2009 Lištičky (Foxes) 2013 Môj pes killer (My Dog Killer) 2019 Žáby bez jazyka (Cook Fuck Kill) 2023 Mimi (She – Hero)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023