2022 | on scene

Young Photographers at the Berlinale

on scene 2022

In 2022, the Berlinale presents the "on scene" photography project in cooperation with MPB and the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. From February 10 to 18, 26 students have the opportunity to prove themselves amidst the festival action and demonstrate their talent.

The students participating in the project were Emmanuel Aronis, Janine Bruns, Gina Carroccia, Imen Djouimai, Christoph Dumser, Viviane Franquinet, Alexa Josef, Blanda Kämpfe, Leo Klaus, Moritz Kreth, Noreen Modler, David Muanda, Philipp Lukas Müller, Karina Musabasheva, Vanessa Nguyen, Natalie Noll, Jonas Pollmann, Golo Prange, Hannah Pulverich, Mikail Seker, Jona Skiba, Daniil Uhlov, Marilen Wenchel, Ines Wilczek, Mert Yesildag and Yannic Zirkel.