One of the teenagers at a youth prison gets a tattoo. In doing so he breaks one of the commandments of his Jewish faith, which in any case seems to offer him no comfort and support anymore. Composed of images in which the essential and seemingly trivial are of equal importance, Jordan Giusti's film, which also draws on his own experiences as a Jewish teenager, describes a feeling of loneliness, the need to belong and the narrow path between conformity and self-determination.
by Jordan Giusti
with Reuvi Kramer, Lucas Pittaway, Chanan Stollard, Gabriel Carrubba, Jack Bates
Australia 2020 English, Hebrew 13’ Colour


  • Reuvi Kramer (Reuvi)
  • Lucas Pittaway (Spider)
  • Chanan Stollard (Chanan)
  • Gabriel Carrubba (Gabe)
  • Jack Bates (Ghost Boy)


Written and Directed by Jordan Giusti
Cinematography Bonita Carzino
Editing Jordan Giusti
Music Katherine Philp
Sound Design Calum Wakeling
Sound Nick Jeffries
Production Design Bonnie McKay
Costumes Irany Turral
Make-Up Irany Turral
Assistant Director Baris Ulusoy
Casting Jordan Giusti
Production Manager Melanie Millado
Producers Hayley Surgenor, Chris Luscri, Jordan Giusti, Melanie Millado
Co-Producer Bonita Carzino

Produced by

Jordan Giusti

Jordan Giusti

A writer, director and producer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His short film Tape won Best Youth Short Film as part of the Under the Radar competition at the 2019 St Kilda Film Festival. Grevillea is his fourth short film.

Filmography (short films)

2017 Apollo 2018 Tape 2020 Grevillea

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