Qiu shi

Harvest | Ernte
Juicy pomegranates dangle from a tree branch, beyond the green grasshopper’s reach. Going after them would be a risky move for the tiny creature stalked by a praying mantis, gluttonous locusts and a hungry rooster. Luckily, life is full of surprises – like this charming film, which brings Chinese watercolour painting to life with the aid of digital animation. Set to the tones of traditional wind and string instruments, an enchanting world emerges.
by Sun Lijun People’s Republic of China 2020 Without language 5’ Colour empfohlen ab 5 Jahren


Director Sun Lijun
Screenplay Fan Beilu, Niu Bosi
Animation Zhuo Baoli, Gao Shuai, Huang Qiang, Chen Xu, Lie Luo, Zhang Yikai, Shao Zhaobo, Guo Mengran
Music Wang Yichen
Sound Design Wang Yichen
Producers Li Liang, Su Da

Produced by

Youth Film Studio

Shanghai Animation Film Studio

Sun Lijun

The Chinese animation professor and director has won prestigious awards in his homeland for his animation films, including at the China Huabiao Film Awards and the Golden Rooster Awards. He teaches at the Beijing Film Academy.


1989 Little Spiral; short film 1990 Good Neighbor; short film 1991 Cross Country; animated series 1992 Seed Sun; animation MTV 1994 Hunyuan; animated series 1998 Adventure of Watermelon and Melon; animated series 2005 Little Soldier Zhang Ga 2006 Tiankeng; short film 2007 Huanxiaomanwu · Fly; short film 2008 Happy Running 2011 Legend of the Rabbit 2012 The Legend of Butler 2013 Ultimate Adventure · Frog Magic School; animated series 2014 18 Years and 18 Days; documentary 2020 Qiū shí (Harvest); short film

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