AMERICA Land of the FreeKS

Ulli Lommel was an obsessive and productive filmmaker of the Fassbinder era. He died in December 2017 leaving behind his 64th film, an angry but not entirely gloomy satire about the state of his adopted country, the USA. In his film, Lommel travels across the States to document Trump’s new America, with a small band of unconventional characters in tow. As someone who experienced the changes at first hand, the country’s gross individualism nonetheless leaves him incredulous – and yet also amused. He feels as if he too is a part of the irrepressible ‘craziness’ that has somehow always endeared the country to him. The so-called ‘white trash’ with whom Trump has sided have yielded to a combination of deep-seated resentment and heightened expectations ad infinitum. Thanks to an instilled sense of opportunism, men who behave like Harvey Weinstein often get away unscathed and capitalism turns serial killers into celebrities, but a miracle healer from Malibu cannot bring any salvation. As Lommel concludes laconically: ‘Why have we in the West sacrificed so much, only to gain so little?’
by Ulli Lommel
with Ulli Lommel, Tanner King Barklow, Nola Roeper, Gil Kofman, Chris Kriesa, Tatjana Lommel, Lilith Stangenberg, Mikael Schallock, Peter Kondra, Inka Schmietendorf, Max Brauer
Germany / USA 2017 English 77’ Colour & Black/White Documentary form


  • Ulli Lommel (as himself)
  • Tanner King Barklow (Eric/Erica)
  • Nola Roeper (as herself)
  • Gil Kofman (as himself)
  • Chris Kriesa (Colonel Brennan)
  • Tatjana Lommel (Berlin Wall Engineer)
  • Lilith Stangenberg (Mickey Mouse)
  • Mikael Schallock (Jim)
  • Peter Kondra (Jeff)
  • Inka Schmietendorf (Lorry)
  • Max Brauer (L.A. Radio Show Host)


Written and Directed by Ulli Lommel
Cinematography Bianco Pacelli
Editing Daron Niemerov
Music Robert J. Walsh
Sound Design Bernhard Storz, Jürgen Zielbauer, Frank Stumvoll
Sound Max Nikoff, Peter Kondratowski
Production Design Patricia Deveraux
Costumes Tabea Braun
Make-Up Lady Mabelle
Assistant Director Christian Behm
Casting Jerry Wolfe
Producers Ulli Lommel, Frank Dragun, Irene Höfer, Bernhard Storz
Executive Producers Andreas Schroth, Robert Whitmore, Nola Roeper

Produced by

Hollywood Storybook

Ulli Lommel

Born in Zielenzig (now Sulęcin, Poland) in 1944, he died in Stuttgart in 2017. He was an actor, director, screenwriter and producer. After studying acting at the UFA training school in Berlin, he first appeared in stage roles and then on television alongside Maria Schell and Heinz Rühmann. From 1969 to 1977 he collaborated with Rainer Werner Fassbinder; in 1969 he founded the production company Atlantis-Film. In 1977 he met Andy Warhol, with whom he produced Blank Generation and Cocaine Cowboys. He directed over 40 films in the USA, mostly thrillers and war films. His final work was Factory Cowboys: Working with Warhol about his time with Warhol.

Filmography (selection)

1971 Haytabo 1973 Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe 1974 Wachtmeister Rahn 1975 Jodeln is ka Sünd · Der zweite Frühling 1976 Adolf und Marlene 1977 Ausgerechnet Bananen 1978 Blank Generation 1979 Cocaine Cowboys 1980 The Boogey Man 1983 Olivia – Im Blutrausch des Wahnsinns · Boogeyman II · Brain Check – Das andere ich · Totentanz der Hexen 1984 Strangers in Paradise 1985 Diamant des Grauens · I.F.O. – Air Racing 1986 Overkill 1987 Heaven and Earth 1989 War Birds 1991 Cold Heat · Thunder Drive - Fluchtpunkt Los Angeles · A Smile in the Dark 1992 Zwischensaison 1994 Marilyn, My Love · Return of the Boogeyman 1995 Star Witness 1996 Every Minute Is Goodbye · Eva Braun – Hitlers Geliebte · Lethal Orbit 1997 Alien X Factor 1998 Bloodsuckers 2000 Danny and Max 2002 September Song 2004 Daniel, der Zauberer 2005 Zodiac Killer · Zombie Nation · B.T.K. Killer · Green River Killer · Killer Pickton 2006 Diary of a Cannibal · Ulli Lommels Black Dahlia · The Raven 2007 Curse of the Zodiac · The Tomb · Borderline Cult 2008 Dungeon Girl · Killer Nurse · Baseline Killer · Son of Sam 2009 The Valley Intruder · Absolute Evil 2010 D.C. Sniper 2012 Manson Family Cult · Sunset Blvd. 2017 AMERICA Land of the FreeKS

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