‘I don’t know what it was, Dad. I think it was the light that came through the window and lit up her face. Mom! Why do you look so beautiful?’

In an exhilarating, immersive flood of images, this mysterious drama portrays the coming of age of 13-year-old Maria, who lives in a remote rural home alone with her mother. When a young man moves into the neighbourhood with his goat herd, her life is suddenly turned upside down. As secret wishes and fears stir within Maria, she anxiously realizes that her mother seems to have gained a fresh lease on life. Maria confides only in her father, whom she visits in a somewhat surreal sanatorium. Why is he there? And why does he say that God is evil? Maria decides to take a drastic step. With its captivating visual opulence and the fairytale-like poetry of its narrative style, the film creates a space which inspires imagination and self-reflection.
by Eduardo Nunes
with Bárbara Luz, Patrícia Pillar, Zé Carlos Machado, Lee Taylor
Brazil 2017 Portuguese 123’ Colour


  • Bárbara Luz (Maria)
  • Patrícia Pillar (Mother)
  • Zé Carlos Machado (Father)
  • Lee Taylor (Man)


Written and Directed by Eduardo Nunes based on the novel by Hilda Hilst
Cinematography Mauro Pinheiro Jr.
Editing Flávio Zettel
Music Zé Nogueira
Sound Design Bernardo Adeodato
Sound Roberto Oliveira
Production Design André Weller
Costumes Luciana Buarque
Make-Up Adriano Manques
Assistant Director Ana Izabel Aguiar
Production Management Fernanda Reznik, Luciana Motta
Executive Producers Fernanda Reznik, Izabella Faya
Producers Izabella Faya, Fernanda Reznik
Co-Producer Andre Saddy
Co-Production Canal Brasil Rio de Janeiro

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Produced by

3 Tabela Filmes e Produções Artísticas

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Eduardo Nunes

Born in Niterói, Brazil in 1969, he studied at the film school of the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro and made his first short film Sopro (Breath) in 1994. He went on to direct four more shorts which together won over 30 awards at international festivals. In 2012 he was invited to be an artist in residence in London where he made a film installation inspired by the Hungarian writer Sándor Márai. His feature film debut Sudoeste premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, screened in 27 countries and won a total of 23 awards.


1994 Sopro (Breath); short film 1995 Terral (Land Wind); short film 1996 A infância da mulher barbada (The Childhood of the Barded Woman); short film 2000 Tropel; short film 2001 Reminiscência (Reminiscence); short film 2012 Sudoeste (Southwest) · Portraits of London; video installation 2017 Unicórnio (Unicorn)

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