Tectonic Plate
After returning from a lengthy business trip to Tokyo, a nameless protagonist is inexplicably stuck at a hotel nearby the Helsinki airport. Not only that, he is also stuck in an endless loop of multi-tasking, his awareness split up, and his activities constantly divided into several directions at once. Various technical devices demand his attention, such as phones, computers, and heart rate monitors. His consciousness is modified; his time-management disintegrates.

A “camera-less lettrist film” about fear of flying, security checks, and time zones, Mannerlaatta uses photogram techniques and photocopying to produce its images, exposing objects placed on 35mm reversal film and printing documents related to air travel directly onto clear film leader. The result is an almost body-less film quality, aesthetically channeling the self-referential inner monologue of the protagonist, caught in a maelstrom of thoughts and images.
by Mika Taanila Finland 2016 73’

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