Wings of the Morning

In 1889, the Lord Clontarf marries the gypsy Marie. Despite opposition, the marriage is a happy one. Then the earl dies in a riding accident and Marie returns home to Spain. Fleeing the Spanish Civil War 47 years later, she returns to Ireland with her great-granddaughter, Maria. Young Maria plans to ride “Wings of the Morning” in the Epsom Derby. While dressed as a boy, she meets Canadian trainer, Kerry Gilfallen, a distant relative, who manages to talk her into turning over her mount. When the horse takes off and they both go after it, Maria can no longer conceal her true identity ... This rural romance was the first British narrative film to be shot in Technicolor. Right up to the colourful finale at the track, it shows the delicate use of colour that was to become typical for British productions. Against the natural greens and browns of the Irish landscape and the pastels of the family estate, lead actress Annabelle stands out as a star even more with her orange-yellow and red accents.
by Harold D. Schuster
with Annabella, Leslie Banks, Henry Fonda
United Kingdom 1936 88’