Kacey Mottet Klein, naissance d’un acteur

Kacey Mottet Klein, Birth of an Actor | Kacey Mottet Klein, Anfänge eines Schauspielers
How does a child become an actor? In 2008 Kacey Mottet Klein had a role in Ursula Meier’s film Home. The actor was young at the time and barely had any experience in front of the camera which to him was a weird thing, like a black spider on four legs and with the huge eye from which it was difficult to tear away his gaze. Acting was something of a game. He did not think about the character that he was playing. He just played himself, or someone like himself, just a bit different. Years have gone by since then. Nowadays Kacey does not even notice the camera any more. As soon as the clapperboard sounds, it simply ceases to exist, just as everything around him fades away, leaving him alone with the character he is embodying and trying to defend with his performance. It has taken a long time to get here. Interspersing film extracts from Home and L´enfant d´en haut (2012) with footage of the work on set, Kacey describes how he has developed and acquired maturity as an actor.
by Ursula Meier
with Kacey Mottet Klein, Ursula Meier
Switzerland 2014 14’

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