2014 | Close Up!

Young Photographers at the Berlinale

In the "Close Up!" project by C/O Berlin and the Berlinale, 13 young photographers aged 20 to 25 were invited to show what they can do – and what they see. A very personal view of the festival's glamour and daily routine was what counts.

Close Up! 2014

The participants in 2014 were: Simon Becker, Xiomara Bender, Susanne Erler, Carina Feneis, Dominik Fleischmann, Svetlana Goldstein, Sabine Kelka, Przemyslaw Nieciecki, Christin Raubuch, Christian Sarges, Jasmin Scherer, Milena von Bruchhausen and Karol Wysmyk

The winners 2014

Impressions of the Opening