Princesas Rojas

Red Princesses
The Nicaraguan border in the eighties. Eleven-year-old Claudia and her younger sister experience the street fighting at first hand outside their car window. Their parents are Sandinista activists and, although the family is now escaping to neighbouring Costa Rica, the struggle continues. Their parents fire off terse commands and the girls are packed off to their relatives. There's no other way. Claudia hordes her treasured collection of revolutionary badges and longs for the time when she was a young pioneer. She doesn’t really know what her parents do. Passports are forged, there are nocturnal meetings and car number plates are switched. One day, her mother disappears. They say she’s gone to Miami. The children piece together fragments that give them an insight into their parents’ dilemma of trying to balance their political struggle with family life. The film focuses on the point of view of the two sisters, who are very close, as they learn more than they are able to cope with, but too little really to understand. A revolutionary struggle, seen through the eyes of children.
by Laura Astorga Carrera
with Valeria Conejo, Aura Dinarte, Fernando Bolaños, Carol Sanabria
Costa Rica / Venezuela 2013 100’

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