Anton Corbijn Inside Out

ANTON CORBIJN INSIDE OUT is an intimate portrait of this internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker whose work combines his love of photography and music. Anton Crobijn made a name for himself with his black-and-white photographs of celebrities such as Joy Division, U2, Miles Davis, Björk and many others. Corbijn also shot to fame as the director of the feature film CONTROL about the life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.
Director Klaartje Quirijns succeeds in gaining access to the private life of this reclusive artist. Corbijn’s father, a vicar in the Netherlands, was sparing in his praise and his affection, and his mother only began to show warmth for others in her old age. Nonetheless, his parents supported his decision to leave school and concentrate on photography. While filming ANTON CORBIJN INSIDE OUT, the protagonist himself undergoes a change and his encounter with the past prompts him to take a break from working. His experiences also help him to discover a new side of photography: the camera doesn’t always produce a feeling of proximity; it can also detach, isolate and create distance.
by Klaartje Quirijns Netherlands / Belgium / Ireland 2012 80’

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