Lupe el de la vaca

Lupe Of The Cow
Under these circumstances the inhabitants of El Corralito are forced to seek employment as seasonal labourers in neighbouring ranches, where they work as harvesters, cowhands, and fence makers. However, the current unprofitability of farming activities spares no medium-sized producer either, and thus most have to resort to migration to the U.S. Nonetheless, most of those remaining in El Corralito still think it possible to live decorously off the land: that is where their relatives live, their land and they skilfully and patiently pursue alternative ways of survival. The villagers taciturn at times, racy talkers at others, sun-hardened and with incredible pride and dignity, see themselves as much in possession of themselves as of their land, lead their everyday lives with good humour, imagination, incredible myths and stories; they laugh at the world and at themselves. LUPE EL DE LA VACA is the nickname of a bizarre local man whom we never get to see but who provides the title for this documentary film, serving as a pretext to talk to the people. Both hilarious and dramatic.
by Blanca X. Aguerre Mexico 2011 79’

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IMCINE - Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía